Fried Fish (Salmon) With Orange Sauce Recipe

Fried Fish (Salmon) With Orange Sauce
Fried Fish (Salmon) With Orange Sauce

Grill some Vegetables with Black Pepper. Put the Veggies on plate and place the Fried Fish on it. Put the Orange Sauce on the other empty side of plate to make the look of the dish more attractive!

1 hr, 30 Cook Time

1 hr, 30 Total Time


Fired Fish
    • Fish Pieces: 2-3 Medium size finely cut
    • Olive Oil: 2 Table spoons
    • Salt: As per taste
    • Black Pepper: Quarter Teaâ??s Spoon
Orange sauce
    • Butter: 1 Teaâ??s spoon
    • Garlic: 1 Clove
    • Orange Juice: 3-4 Cup
    • Knorr Chicken Stock: 3-4 Cup
    • Salt: As per taste
    • Black Pepper: Quarter Teaâ??s spoon
    • Brown Sugar: 1 Teaâ??s spoon
    • Raffan Cornflower: 1 Teaâ??s spoon
    • Water: As per need


Fired Fish
    1. Firstly take finely cut pieces of fish to marinate. It is a simple way to marinate the fish which do not need too much ingredients.
    2. Place the fish piece on a bowl and pour 2 table spoons of Olive oil in it.
    3. Now take Salt just according to your taste as you like.
    4. Use black pepper quarter teaâ??s spoon in it which have a beautiful fragrance and enhance the flavor of fish easily.
    5. Now after that marinate all the ingredients and mix them finely.
    6. After marinate leave the fish for 10 minutes.
    7. After 10 minutes fry the fish from all side about 2 minutes to make the color of fish Golden Brown.
Orange sauce
  1. Take a pan and place Butter in it about 1 teaâ??s spoon and 1 clove of Garlic and sauté both the ingredients but not to change the color of both ingredients.
  2. Now take 3-4 Orange juice in the mixture and 3-4 of chicken stock in it which can easily be made by taking 1 1/2 cup of Water and dissolving Knorr Chicken Cube in it.
  3. As the whole stock is bowling put Salt in it about taste, Black Pepper quarter teaâ??s spoon, Brown sugar 1 teaâ??s spoon and mix it finely.
  4. In a bowl take Raffan Cornflower and few drops of water and place the Cornflower to the sauce to make it thicker. Orange Sauce is ready to eat.
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