Khoormee an Ancient Delicious Nimko of South Asia

Khoormee - NimkoKhoormee is an ancient delicious unique soft nimko of South Asia. It’s taste is very unique but some like bakery salt and sugar mix cookie, but it’s shape is very different from cookie. Due to its small size it is not crush or break. You can eat it in evening and break fast with milk, tea and coffee. Also you can serve it to your guest. You can eat it any time like when watching movie etc.

30 minPrep Time

7 minCook Time

37 minTotal Time


    • 2 Cup plain flour
    • 5 tb/s Graduated sugar
    • 1 t/s Salt
    • 1 t/s Black seed
    • 1/2 Cup butter
    • 3/4 Cup water (For mixing)
    • 2 Cup cooking oil (For frying)


  1. Take flour, graduated sugar, salt, black seed, butter and mix all ingredient well.
  2. Now put water in mixer and kneed it hard.
  3. Now making a two round loaf of mixed flour kneed.
  4. Now cut loaf in a 1/2 inch width bar size row.
  5. Now cut loaf in 1/2 inch width bar size column.
  6. Now its come in square shape.
  7. Start frying in medium flame.
  8. Now serve it with hot tea, coffee and milk.
Recipe Type: Nimko


Put water for kneed as requirement not make it too much wet.
Make sure the breath of loaf is 1/2 inch.

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