10 Best Stunts In Movies

10 Best Stunts In Hollywood MoviesWhat makes a movie worth watching? Its story, dialogues, acting to a huge extent, but what exactly makes an action movie standout against all other aspects are the stunts performed. Stunts are considered as the most unique aspect for any movie and they are a part of every movie since the inception of action catalogue. It has the intensity of gathering the watcher`s attention despite what the story is. A stunt which is performed professionally under the advise of the experts, shows high regard and is loved by all, has attained a position in our ‘best stunts’ list.

Today every other director and producer contemplate to compile best stunts in the movie to create the best art. Hollywood being the largest industry for putting up marvelous entertainment for the viewers has shown keen interest on this factor to add charisma to their name. Starting the list of some best stunts in ascending order here are the top 10 stunts which are rated exceptional for all time.

1-Cannon Stunts:

Cannon Stunt - 10 Best Stunts In MoviesRemember the time when we used to see cars flyover one another and getting back on track without any damage whatsoever. Cannon stunt is behind all this, fitting a cannon with a spring right next to the driver’s seat, shoots the car sideways. Take the example of one the most appreciated movie Fast and Furious 7 which has used this kind of physics to perform the stunt to put up a great show. Cannon stunt is still utilized in today`s world of entertainment. Without any doubt, it is among the best stunts we’ve ever watched in movies up till now.

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