5 EDM You Gotta Listen!

5 EDM You Gotta Listen! (1)EDM (Electronic Dance Music) which is also known as Electro music, Club music, Electronic Dance or Dance music. Electronic Music came into exposure at late 2000’s. It cannot be referred as any specific genre but branched and served as several genres like Trance, Electro, Techno and House etc. I personally had no knowledge about EDM, until one of my friends just introduced this new genre to me. There are so many EDM’s but these five are my favorite ones. Now I want you guys to have a good time if you are looking for some great tunes. Here are top 5 EDM’s which you should listen.

5 EDM You Gotta Listen! (2)

Song: Clarity

Artist: Zedd Feat. (Foxes)

Album: Clarity

Awards: Grammy Award

ZEDD has won the Grammy Award for the “Best Dance Recording” for “Clarity” and the songs “Clarity” featuring Foxes was charted at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Verily one of the best song by ZEDD.

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