Twilight Series – Amazing Character

Kristen Stewart known as Bella swan worked in an attention seeking novel movie “Twilight”. This beautiful actress was born on 9th April 1990 in California currently she is of 25, interested in becoming an actress since she was in a Grade school. She was then offered to work in a Disney movie for showing her amazing talent of acting.

Finally in the year 2008 she was sign as a lead role actress in the movie “Twilight Saga Films” and to continue her  in all the parts of the movie from the year 2008 to 2012 onwards.

Twilight Movie


Twilight Series is basically a novel based story which was converted in the movie later on. The story reflects a combination of vampire-romance and a passionate and loyal love by a living girl. The author of Twilight series is a well known person “Mr. Stephanie Meyer”. He has conveyed a beautiful message by the movie that “Love never becomes weak due to the conditions”. In the movie a teenage passionate love is described which starts when Bella start schooling in “Forks” and feels danger to adjust there. After the huge success of Twilight Saga, the author has released “New Moon, Breaking Down (1&2) in order to get more fame.

Love! In all the parts of the movie, the most attractive thing is the love life of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen Who is playing the character of a Vampire student studying in Forks. As Edward’s diet is Blood and the major issue with him is that he uses to get attracted by the smell of Bella’s blood.  Edward is fighting for his thirst for Bella’s blood and he controls himself  till he get married with Bella in Breaking down part 1.

Bella’s and Edward:

The girl Bella plays a character of deeply in love with the hero. For Kristen, maybe it was not easy to play a role of a young girl and to show such kind of love on screen but due to the present of sparkling talent; Kristen has made the character of Bella swan as a very pretty and lovable character of the movie. Overall in the movie she acted that she never get scares of Edward even after knowing his truth about vampire life history, she stood with him till the end and at last her dream comes true when they get married.

Movie rating!

Basically veiws were very positive about the story and most brilliant stars working in it. Viewers loved the Twilight Breaking down part 1 and 2 in which the story leads towards the wedding of Edward & Bella and baby birth of Bella who was half human and half a vampire. Now people are looking towards another part of the movie which will give a different direction to the story and make it more interesting to see Kristen in a modified way.

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