Ho Mann Jahan – A boost In Pakistani Film Industry

Ho Mann Jahan – A boost In Pakistani Film IndustryAsim Raza’s  Ho Mann Jahan has served as golden stone in  the revival of Pakistani cinema. HMJ is the talk of the town these days. Released on 1st jan 2016 it seemed to  sustain a healthy business and crosses the mark of  100 million in a week’s time, billed as one of the marked releases of 2016 . It  is a reflection of current dichotomy that exists in our society.

Ho Mann Jahan is not a film about music, neither it’s a film about musicians. It is a film about finding your true calling that uses musicians  as an addition  and not the cuisine where as  Asim raza must be given credit for enlightening an important issue. He scrutinizes parent’s on controlling their children’s dreams. HMJ is one passionate roller coaster ride of emotions ,with some beautiful performances by our very known artists , Asim raza has used the talent marvelously and allow them to reinvent their selves.

A beautiful trio of friendship portrayed by Adeel Hussain, Mahira khan  and Shahreyar Munawar Siddiqui has allowed audiences to laugh and cry during the journey.

Shehereyar munawar played the character of Arhaan  and blown the audience away with his performance .He completely shines and owns every single scene he is in , performing with such amazing zeal and zest that you completely forgot Shehreyar and only see his character.

Mahira khan’s manizhey is portrayed as a strong woman that all women would aspire to be , she performed with the beautiful energy and grace. It seems like this character was typically written for Mahira. She performed with great intensity that it pales all her past performances. Every single scene was of its own kind, but that song dosti she performed with zohaib hasan in Coke Studio Sequence was a treat for her fans .

Last but not the least Adeel hussain is a gem of a person our industry owns.Adeel marveled in whatever he performed.His appearance in HMJ proved that he is made for cinema no doubt. His super talented performance in the difficult journey of giving up and then getting back to world where his heart was.(Hoo Mann Jahan) has mesmerized the audience.

Ho Mann Jahan has proved  that we have got some real gems in our industry !!!

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Aniqa Moazzam

Aniqa Moazzam

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