3 Makeup Trends From The 90’s

3 Makeup Trends From The 90'sIn the past era, women who wore a bright makeup were considered as vulgar or a lower class women.  As the makeup trends changes, several solutions have replaced that cheap makeup looks to beautiful ones. Here are some makeup trends which were exceptionally famous in the past historical time and still used by today’s women in a more innovate manner:

1- Face Bleach:

In the past 1800’s century, every upper middle class wanted to show their social class in their social gatherings. These ladies were also extremely beauty conscious as well thus wanted to protect their selves from sun burn and other skin problems. In order to protect their skins they use opium from the lecture leaves and coat it to the whole face whole night and wash it in the morning with ammonia to make their skin glowing and fresh.

Other than that, Arsenic wafers were used to remove the dullness and wrinkles which made the face look younger than the age. These wafers are dangerous in nature but for the sake of beauty they were ready to take this risk.

2- Nose Machines:

Like today, in the past era most of the people were not happy with their nose shapes because it can easily become an obstacle in their attractiveness. At that time different surgery machines or nose machines came into the market which can change the shape of the nose to straight or to change the size of it. After sometimes these machines were sold at a higher demand to every other hospital and to the surgeons.

3- Mercury & Lead Eye Shadow

Mostly women in the 18th century don’t have much knowledge regarding eye shadowing and they mostly don’t use new sharp colors as an eye shadow. As the trend changes women start using cold creams and crushes cochineal beetles as to make light brown eye shades, after that when some upper class ladies want to color their exquisite eyes so they opt for mixing red and white lead and a little amount of mercuric sulfide. These chemicals also contain a little amount of cinnabar, vermilion, antimony which can harm your skin and can cause serious diseases as well.

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