3 Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Eye Makeup

3 Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Eye MakeupA good eye makeup will always become a center of attraction towards a girl’s face and so any mistake in doing eye makeup can be easily be observed by anyone. Most of the girls are not perfect in doing eye makeup so they unfortunately do these mistakes and it ruins the whole makeover of them as well. Here are 3 main mistakes girls mostly do in doing eye makeup.

1- Dark Colors Shades:

Many of the girls don’t have much knowledge regarding eye colors and shades which use to suit themselves, so like 1900 century blue color which seems to be very dark and never looks beautiful on the face of most of girls. It is suggested to girls that if they are not sure which color to apply on eyes so should concern to professionals and seek their help in selection before applying.

2- Thick Eyeliner:

Eyeliner use to enhance the beauty of eyes after shades, but most of the girls are unable to properly use and perfectly use the liner. The worst is if liner is used too thick on small eyes. For a fine eyeliner it should be not too dark, somewhat heavy and perfectly applied on eyes. If you are not expert in applying a fine eyeliner so concern to your beautician and learn to make it simple for you.

3- Mascara Coats:

Mascara on eye lashes is the last tool to increase the beauty of eyes. But it is observed that too much coats on mascara negatively affect the artificial eye lashes if you are probably wearing too and so in result whole eye makeup is going to be ruin by this mistake. It is suggested to coat mascara only three times and after that stop and make it dry so it looks perfect.


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