4 Things Which You Don’t Know About Using Conditioner

4 Things Which You Don't Know About Using Conditioner

Your hair consists of oil glands in the roots and this is separated by strands of the hair. These strands need nourishment of hair to grow and to recover hair from damages as well. For the nourishment of hair, oiling is not the only way but most of the doctors use to advice their patients to use “Conditioner”. Using conditioner is applicable to all hair sizes whether your hair is short, colored, curled or straight. Some note worthy points which most of the people don’t know about using conditioner are:

1- Conditioners are Stylers:

Proven by most of the doctors, conditioners are the best product for the styling of your hair. No matter what style you want to apply on your hair, it proven that if you take a help of conditioner so as to make a nice hairdo it will give a perfect look to your hair. It can be used for making wavy hair, braids and many other hair styles.

2- Recovery from Dryness:

In winters, our hair becomes rough and dry due to rapid change in weather. One advantage is that if you use conditioner once in 15 days, it will protect your hair from dust and remove any sort of dullness, ugliness and dryness. It makes your hair soft and shiny in winter also. For the perfect look usage of conditioner should be once in month or twice and apply it on scalp of the head.

3- Before applying Shampoo:

According to the texture and scalp of your head, you should wisely choose a conditioner which does not react negatively to the hair. If conditioner is applied to the hair before the usage of shampoo it increases the growth and thickness of the hair and turns the hair more stronger than before.

4- Difference of Conditioners:

It is not necessary that one conditioner will produce same results for everyone instead it can harm the other person’s hair terribly. Like for the people having thin hair used to have volumizing conditioners and not the oily conditioners.

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