5 Clothing Tips You Should Never Ignore

5 Clothing Tips You Should Never IgnoreThe weekend is here, and you’re all set to hit the town. But unfortunately you couldn’t find the right outfit or accessories. It’s not about how ridiculously you buy for every event, but how innovatively you manage with what you have – that’s where the intelligence strikes. We deeply understand the struggle between choosing a right outfit and fitting into an overly sized outfit. To ease your pain, we have rounded up some valuable and casual clothing tips so that you shine all day joyfully:

5 CLOTHING TIPS YOU SHOULD NEVER IGNORE 2b1-Be Picky While Buying a Blazer

Whenever we purchase jackets, blazers or coats first question that strikes our mind is that what should we look for when buying any of these? One golden rule that applies here is that it needs to fit your shoulders. If you couldn’t find your exact size because it’s too tight or may be too wide then you better don’t convince yourself to buy one from there. Well it all depends on your body shape. Keep in mind the bottom of your jacket shouldn’t be below your butt.

2-Cuff Your Sleeves Nicely


  • Start with straightening your sleeves until they become neat and wrinkle free.
  • Fold the sleeve up; continue folding until it reaches your elbow, (or your preferred height).
  • Curl it again. If you want your third cuff visible, don’t forget to pull out buttoned cuff out of the roll.

3-Iron Your Clothes Without An Iron

Feel too lethargic to iron? Or don’t have an iron? Well, this is something we feel every other weekend. Needn’t to worry at all, by trying these methods you can get rid of wrinkled clothes quickly without an iron:

  • Use Hair Dryer as an Iron: Wondering how a hair dryer can be an alternative method? So just give it a try. Damp your cloth first (use a spray bottle) and hang it on something. Just blow dry it from 2-3 inches away so that you don’t make it too hot.
  • De-wrinkle it with a Damp Towel: Lay your wrinkled cloth on a flat clean surface, just slightly moist your towel and place it on top of the cloth. Press down using your hands and there you go – a wrinkled free shirt!
  • Give your cloth a Hot Shower: Undoubtedly this is among the most effective ironing tips, yet it may take longer time than the others. Firstly, close all other windows and door of your bathroom to avert air leaks. Hang your wrinkled cloth on shower rod. Then calmly take shower with hot water. Eventually, all of the wrinkles will be vanished by the time you finish showering.

Aren’t you amazed with our incredible ironing tips? We’ve found this tremendously valuable to include it in our clothing tips list.

4-Insert Loose Jeans into Boots Neatly

5 CLOTHING TIPS YOU SHOULD NEVER IGNORE 4Jeans and boots are one heck of an adorable combination. How often do you struggle tucking your jeans inside your beautiful elegant boots? Now say no to fat ankles and follow this guide:

  • Firstly, straighten your jeans and make it wrinkle free. Look for skinny jean so that it easily gets inserted into your boots.
  • Roll up the jeans carefully to make a neat cuff.
  • Once you’re done with cuffing, grasp and fold vertically a leftover (extra) fabric around your calf.
  • To cover it up, wear a nice pair of thin socks.
  • All done; now you can pull on your high shaft boots.

5-Save Space, Create Double Hangers


  • Save a bunch of little tabs from soda cans.
  • Insert one hanger in each hole of a can’s tab.
  • As tab consists of two holes, therefore you can easily manage two hangers with just a single tab.

Like we said, it’s futile to devote your precious time to the things you can quickly manage. But we recommend devoting enough time to select an appropriate outfit that fits your body. Yes, don’t be a foolhardy, choose wisely! Our precisely defined clothing tips list ends here, we’d be glad to know if we helped you somewhere.

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