5 Different Eye Shapes That Best Describe Your Personality

Eye shapesEyes are the most significant part of your face. It is wisely said that, ‘Eyes are the window of the soul’ which defines that whatever person is thinking or feeling at a time internally by heart it can be seen in their eyes. Across the world we can see several different types of eye shapes that have some meanings attached and it reflects our personalities as well. Here are 5 different eye shapes which perfectly defines your personality.

5 Different Eye Shapes:
1-Big Eyes:

Big eyes shapesBig eyed people are mostly very intelligent people of the society. They are quite flexible, tolerant and social by nature. These people love to express their feelings to others and easily get attached to anyone as well. They mostly have the potential to do something challenging which attracts others very easily. Naturally they are very hot and passionate type of people and even they don’t feel shy to give love to their beloved people. They are not considered as the mysterious people because they can be predictable by anyone without difficulty. As they are very imaginative so they mostly don’t waste their crucial time in boredom.

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