5 Lipstick Shades That Define Your Personality

Lipstick shadesLipstick is fundamentally one of the very crucial makeover instruments, and it is the instrument which completes the makeover completely. Lipstick shades are generally chosen according to the color requirement of your dressing. And every woman has a dissimilar style due to which several of the women prefer dark & shinny colors in lipsticks while others go for soft and non shinny colors.

But, apart from all these, have you ever assume that your lipstick shades perfectly match your personality characteristics. As every color shade has its own meaning which reflects the person’s personal traits entirely. Here are some shades and their meanings according to personalities…

1-Orange Shades:

Dark orange shades are showing the symbol of heat and sun and it suits to those personalities which are more fun loving in nature. Peach color reflects a warm and cheerful personality. Orange color is a source of supplying the oxygen to the brain and enhances the mental activities properly.

2-Pink Shades:

Brighter pink shade in lipstick represents the feeling of love and romance. These shades are mostly preferred by the young teenagers to reflect the beauty of face. Lighter pink shades reflect the innocence and tenderness of nature.

3-Brown Shades:

Brown shades are showing the traditional colors of beauty, these shades are the source of showing wholesomeness and comfort. It also reflects a little essence of genuineness and dependence and the personality shows to find goodness in everything.

4-Red Shades:

Red shades are the source of reflecting passionate heart and love emotions. Using red shades makes you confident and passionate in everything. Red colors reflect hotness and represent your personality very impressive in front of others. This also shows moody personality of the person as well.

5-Purple Shades:

The darker the purple shades show regal personality of the person. It represents the romantic nature of personality, luxury and power as well. The lighter shades of purple shows the sophistication of the personality.


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