5 Steps to Make Converse Shoe Nail Art Design

How to make Converse Shoe Nail ArtNail art designing is all about creativity, it is a way to beautify and decorate your nails with artistic quality. Today this activity is a part of fashion and easily can be done in beauty salons.

Tools To Do Converse Shoe Nail Art:

Decorating nail art has many option/tools to do with,

  • Nail art can be done by applying ‘Glitters’ of different colors on nails.
  • It can also be done by the help of ‘Nail art Pen’.
  • You can make it more beautiful by applying ‘Nail Dotters” by which you can make “Polka dots” on your nails easily.
  • “Nail Strippers” & “Art Brushes” are also very preferable by girls now days to make the look of nails more attractive.

Nail art design has became a new trend now a days and everyone wants pretty nail art designs, one of the very famous nail design is the “Converse Shoe Design Nail”. So, How to make converse shoe nail art. This design is effortless to make with some steps. Here is the simple tutorial of make shoe design nails easily.

Step 1:

Firstly apply a base color on your nails of your own choice considering that every nail should have different base color paint.

Step 2:

Now paint the top of your nail with pure white color paint to make the front look of the shoe in it.

Step 3:

Now, make the laces of the shoe perfectly on the base color of the nails with white color to make it visible more on the base color.

Step 4:

Sketch a round line on the top of the nail with black shade to make the front part of the shoe and the edge of your nail.

Step 5:

Now for final touch, make black dots on the end of the cross lines of laces to make it more good in look, so that your converse shoe nail art design is ready.

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