5 Style Tips For Women With Hour Glass Figure

5 Style Tips For Women With Hour Glass FigureIt is generally believed that the hour glass figure can carry of almost all kinds of ensembles. However, there are some little things that you can do to take your style quotient a few notches higher.Ah, the hourglass body type! It is considered the Holy Grail by most women. An hour-glass figured woman has a proportionate body with the bust and hips approximately of equal size. The waist is usually narrow.

It is a given fact that women with hour glass figure can carry off most ensembles. However, there are still some tips that will come in handy when styling for the hour glass figure.

1- Balance, Balance And More Balance!

You have the perfect figure. Your hips and bust are in proportion. Now, all you need to do is find the perfect balance. Look for fabrics that glide over your silhouette and hug them properly. Softer fabrics work perfectly. For the scorching heat, you can opt for cotton and linen. And if we are talking about a night out and about in town, then silk is the way to go.

2- Take Care Of That Neckline

Opt for deep V-necks, scooped necks and try to avoid over embellishment. Ruffles, bows and frills are not your best friends. They will make you look top-heavy and draw attention away from your comely waist and hips. If the neckline seems boring, then you can accessorize. Wear a nice neck piece and you are good to go!

Flaunt your curves with bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses are the best for women with hour-glass figures. These dresses hug the body at all the right places and highlight the narrow waist. Bodycon dresses are available in a range of material including lycra, silk, cotton and mixed fabrics. What needs to be kept in mind is that if you are not too tall make sure that your bodycon dress is longer. A dress that is too short will make your legs look stubby. However, you can balance that out by wearing tapering heels that add to length and also provide the illusion of longer legs.

3- Avoid High Waist Silhouettes

The hour-glass figure is the perfect playground to show off a narrow waist. Therefore, you should try and stay away from forms that are cinched very high up. That cute waist is there to be flaunted, ladies! Opt for dresses that are cinched at the waist. That way you will be able to show off all your killer curves!

4- Do Your Research

There is no dearth of options when it comes to looking for that perfect outfit. Look for stylebooks online and also for dresses and tops online. Be sure to measure yourself properly. An ill-fitting bodycon dress can quickly turn into a nightmare and we surely don’t want that.

5- There Is Inspiration Everywhere

Did you know that the hourglass figure has remained the most coveted body type? There are so many celebrities out there who rock their hourglass figures in the right ensembles. Try looking at the way Salma Hayek, Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson dress. For a closer look home, just look at the way in which Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Kareena show off those perfect curves!

Now go and flaunt those curves because there is nothing embarrassing about being the queen of fuller busts and hips!



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