5 Top Nail Art Designs Spring 2016

5 Top Nail Art Designs Spring 2016 3

Nail Art Designs are a source of beauty today, this spring 2016 has come up with some exciting Nail Art designs & tutorials for their lovers. Here are the top 5 Nail Art designs of the Spring 2016 discovered by fashion designers.

5 Top Nail Art Designs Of 2016

1- Green Point

5 Top Nail Art Designs Spring 2016- Green Point

“Green Point”, as the name of the design is reflecting its beauty; Green is one of the most preferable colors by most of the women in spring season. Green color in outfits, shoes and now in eyeliner & nail color as well.

This nail art design is simple and attractive, as the green nail color is used only on the tip of the nails and shiner is applied at the rest of the part of nail. Its gives a classy and fabulous look to your nails. You can apply it on events, occasions, weddings, parties and for home as well.

2- Spray Paint The Town

5 Top Nail Art Designs Spring 2016- Spray Paint the Town

“Spray Paint the Town” now this is also one of the finest spring nail art enhances the beauty of nails. Applying this can boost the confidence of the girls among social gatherings and the technique to apply it is not as simple as it looks.

First make a base of sharp white color finely, and then if you are able to draw such dots or shapes on your nails so go for it. Otherwise you can take a thin brush and choose any of the color and make triangles or any design on the nails. Now this can be material of showoff among the peers because this design can only be made by one who knows the nail art designing.

3- Along The Lines

5 Top Nail Art Designs Spring 2016- Along The Lines 2

“Along The Lines” as the name is speaking itself, this nail art design is pretty much difficult to apply but gives a trendy look to your hand this spring. It requires a little care to apply it perfectly and smoothly on your nails. First apply any light color on the base of your nails and double coat it so it gives a matte look, then take a thin brush and draw the black lines at the end of the nails finely. It is suggested to draw with a thin brush so the lines will look attractive, and in the last apply grey shinny nail color on the tip of your nails. This fashion can be suitable for the occasions and business activities as well.

4- Mellow Yellow

5 Top Nail Art Designs Spring 2016- Mellow Yellow

“Mellow Yellow” a dirty fellow, this is particularly a design which is only be useful for parties and gatherings. It will ruin your personality in the professional gatherings if you apply it there. For this design, make a base of white color and then open your nail art kit box, from which you will use a paper having square boxes on it. Apply that paper on your nail and fill the boxes with yellow color texture. Lastly, apply the shiner so it gives a beautiful shinny look. Yellow color without any doubt is the most attractive color for spring season.

5- Roze Gold Glaze

5 Top Nail Art Designs Spring 2016- Rose Gold Glaze

“Rose Gold Glaze” one of the soft & simple nail art designs for spring season. The design is itself reflecting its beauty to the viewers. Applying this design will be most suitable in the professional activities or at business places. While delivering any presentation to the board members; it gives a professional look to your personality. As only colors can be used in this design, you have to just apply any matte classy color on your nails finely & then apply one coat of shiner, surely it will enhance the beauty of your nails.

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