6 Steps To Be Well Groomed

6 Steps To Be Well GroomedJust before bedtime is the ideal time for most of us to do our beauty homework. The most rewarding way is to have a planned program to follow seven nights a week for the purpose to be well groomed. Keep this program simple, and restrict yourself to a time limit that will fit in with your schedule. A seven-nights-a-week beauty routine should become second nature to you.

6 Steps To Be Well Groomed

Step 1:

The sheer luxury of a deep, hot bath cannot be beaten for relaxing the tensions of the busy nine-to-five working day, and it’s a necessary prelude to your nightly beauty routine. A few drops of bath oil in the water adds to the luxury feeling of the nightly bath. Soap yourself all over, paying special attention to your neck and underarms. Then scrub your elbows and knees with a nail brush or special bath brush. Check to see if under arms and legs are smooth and free of fuzz.

Step 2:

The next step is to clean your face, and don’t forget your neck. Do this in the bathroom, the steam opens the pores of your skin and allows the face cream to get to work with most effect. Use a preparation most suited to your skin type, a lotion or a cream, and work in gently and thoroughly with an upward movement. Leave it on for 15 minutes or so.

Step 3:

While the face cream is doing its work, take a critical look at your hands. Work in some hand lotion (use this on elbows, knees, feet, and ankles, too) and check your nails to see that each one is a perfect shape and that polish is smooth and even. Now is the time to see that those feet are pretty perfect, too.

Step 4:

Now tissue off the cream. Be gentle with your skin, use a circular, upward movement. To achieve that starry-eyed look, get into the habit of bathing your eyes each night. Use an eye bath (you can buy one cheaply) and plain warm water, or warm water with a pinch of boracic acid. If you use an eye cream, now is the time to put it on. The skin around the eyes is extra sensitive and delicate, so make your movements specially gentle.

Check eyebrows for straggling hairs.

Step 5:

Brushing your teeth should be done not more than 10 minutes after a meal, but it’s nice to go to bed with a fresh, clean taste in your mouth. Brush them a second time, then, for two or three minutes by the clock. You’ll be surprised what a difference an extra minute or two makes to the look and feel of your teeth.

Step 6:

The old rule for hair beauty, one hundred strokes of the brush every night, can’t be beaten. It doesn’t take long, and the difference it makes to your hair is worth the extra time on your program. If you have to set your hair, do it thoroughly so that when you come to brush it out in the morning there are no stray, lank strands of hair to spoil the line of your set.

If you’re a popular girl, and out at night a great deal, you can shorten this program to fit in with your own schedule. But, remember, don’t skip any of your beauty chores. To be well groomed, it takes effort but the effort pays real dividends.


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