Summer Spring Collections !!

Summer Spring Collections !! Lawn:

aLawn the most favorite wear by women in summer and spring season mainly. As Al-Karam is known as “Rango ki Dunya”, they have introduces this summer a mass variety of floral design dresses according to the requirement of season. Each dress is made of up of contemporary colors and high class eye catching designing on it which are available in casual as well in formal wear. This collection includes many breathtaking design outfits including classic, floral and many others to capture the concentration of the people. Pricing range of Al-Karam catalogue starts from Rs. 1500 to Rs.7000 where varieties of deigned collections are available to anyone.

 Silk Collection:

hfhhfThis summer the brand attracts the customers’ loyalty by introducing hottest designed outfits in silk clothes as well. Silk is specially design for seasonal formal wear for any event or occasion. They are offering glooming prints with suitable floral color complexions that gives a catchy outcome so users are able to wear it as a party wear for sure. Designing consist of special prints given in front and backside of the shirt. Fine embroidery on classical and floral designs on the front side of the shirt makes the appearance more gorgeous and catches the attention of everyone easily.


1There spectrum this year is not only limited to clothing but also includes bed sheets, Comforters, Simple curtains, Shower curtains, Kitchen lien, Night dresses and fashion apparels with numerous colors. There diversified spectrum processed the fabrics such as Yarn Dyed to the finished products such as shower curtains and many other products. There various services to manufacture the finished products include fiber manufacturing, spinning, weaving, cutting and snitching etc.

They are focusing on their main objective of the company and that is to give their customers a competitive advantage upon other various companies and so they are succeeding in their mission as well because today thousands of people Al-Karam over others.

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