Beauty of Hands With Mehendi, Bangles, Hand Gajra’s & Nail color

Beauty of Hands With Mehendi, Bangles, Hand Gajra’s & Nail colorWhole makeover of a girl desires a perfect dress, corresponding jewelry and most appropriate footwear. But when it comes to the beauty and attractiveness of hands, girls have various options to go for it. Beauty of hands doesn’t appear with the skin tone color but the manner you make them pretty.


The makeover of hands begins with “Mehendi” in it. “Hina” or Mehendi gives a stunning look to the hands. For brides the designing of Mehendi are special and for others are different. If you have to make your hands better looking so first thing is to use Mehendi and that will depend upon the certain occasion. Generally when girls have fair skin tone; the color of Mehendi becomes more prominent on their hands than the dark skin tone.

For heavy Mehendi design typically the girls prefer to wear light jewelry and bangles apart from for brides. But for light Mehendi designs girls’ wishes to wear heavy colorful bangles to make their hands beauty more observable to other people.

Bangles with Mehendi:

Wearing bangles gives a gorgeous appearance to hands which also have Mehendi on them. Colorful bangles which are identical to the dress are a huge source through which you can boost your hands beauty. With stunning Mehendi design heavy bangles are more suitable and gives more eye catching look to hands. For the rasam of Mayon and Mehendi usually green bangles are preferred traditionally but now a day’s girls also have a preference to wear multicolor bangles according to the clothing. For Mayon wear today not merely yellow color is chosen by brides. Now a day’s Mayon outfits consist of combination of multicolor shades like red, purple and yellow etc.

Nail color on Mehendi:

Beauty of Mehendi is not completed without the nail colors. It seems to become a fashion today to make colorful your nails initially just according to the shade suitable to the outfit. Nail color gives a fine look with Mehendi. Many girls also feel beautiful in nail art with Mehendi designs. Nail art refers to nail designing with several colors and shapes. For bridal makeover most encouraging color of nails can be Dark Red, Maroon and Dark Pink. Bridesmaid can create their nails baby pink and sea green as well which add the attraction to hands.

Hand Gajra’s with Mehendi:

This is the everlasting fashion of wearing Gajra with Mehendi on hands. Gajra’s are prepared up of many flowers counting roses and jasmine. Wearing a Gajra creates a fine eye catching outcome with bangles for others. For red or maroon bangles you can wear rose Gajra’s with it or if you are wearing green or yellow bangles you can prefer white Gajra make up of jasmine flower or yellow Gajra make up of other flowers. Over all Gajra is a add on to the whole makeover of hands.

As you work hard to make your eyes, lips, hairs beautiful ; you should have to also consider the beauty of hands because sometimes hands becomes the source to attract someone. All the above are the easy ways to make your hands most gorgeous and attention-grabbing in front of others. So learn to make the beauty of your hands noticeable to others.


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