Benefits And Harms Of Contact Lenses That You Ignore

Harms of contact lenses

It has been considered as very common to wear contact lenses by youngsters either a girl or boy now a days. But the question arises that, whether wearing contact lenses on daily basis is harmful for the eyes or not? Now this a topic of debate as we have many pros and cons of wearing lenses.

Pros Of Wearing Contact Lenses

Before discussing harms of contact lenses we’ll start with some good points. Most of the people wear these lenses (both transparent & colored) now freely because of easy using method. They are the people who always prefer the contact lenses rather than wearing glasses in daily use and as well as occasional wear. So if we look to the advantages of preferring contact lenses over glasses, here are some:

  • Firstly contact lens, gives you an attractive look which can be hidden under glasses. Also wearing transparent or non color lenses will hide your insufficient eyesight problem from the surrounding.
  • Secondly, if you are a sports person or you work/exercise every day, wearing lenses will not create hurdle which glasses can create.
  • Usually in foggy weather, rain or cold, glasses will create issues and get affected by these conditions. But if you are wearing lenses, its not required to clean them again & again.
Cons Of Wearing Contact Lenses

Every good thing always has a darker side as well, so wearing lenses also have some disadvantages as well which resist you to use contact lenses and force you to opt for glasses. Here are major harms of contact lenses

  • First thing is that, many people fail in learning the technique of wearing contact lenses properly that’s why they feel irritated and prefer the easy usage of glasses.
  • Too much wearing of contact lenses can reduce the amount of oxygen which is going to your eye and it causes the dryness in the eyes as well, this is among the most ignored harms of contact lenses which you might not be aware of.
  • Usage of lenses need special care of itself, like changing the solution of lenses everyday and washing of lenses properly, not to use finger having big nails it can make the lens dreadful. In this case, it causes dust on it and usage of which will results in an infection of an eye.
  • Eyesight problem will get worse, if you start using computer while wearing contact lenses. It can badly harm the vision of a person.

Now, after this discussion, it’s up to you whether you make it just a fashion or make it a harmful thing for you.

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