Some Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

3 Natural Tips To Grow Hair Faster Home RemediesDo you know that most of the faces that look youthful, appealing and sweet are round faces? Yes you read it right1So next time you find someone very sweet and youthful make sure you identify that it’s the round face lady that has done the charm on you. The best thing about round face is that if it is combined with a right hair cut then it adds a lot of sophistication too. You can look at the faces of Adele, Lauren Conrad and know how it’s done. Another benefit with round face is that no hair length is off limit you can try hairstyles with different lengths and still manage to look sweet and adorable.

Today we are presenting some hairstyles for round faces that will complement their beauty for sure: 

Mixed-length layers: You must have seen Lauren Conrad and knows that this has become her signature. This hairstyle is all about angling layers out the right way. Remember to avoid boxing the face in because that will make the face look shorter. Start with loose, face framing layers. The first layer begins slightly past the chin. Create waves by wrapping hair sections on a curling iron and feathering it away from your face. This is a great style if you do just the right thing.

Side-Swept Bangs: Bangs here are not what you are thinking of. You must have seen Kirsten Dunst  and must have noticed her sweeping fringe and how she used it with a shoulder-length cut and deep side part which actually thins her face. In this hairstyle the longest part of bangs touch the midlip and when you blow dry it graze the cheekbone and define it superbly.

Angled Bangs: Heavy fringe can really be flattering. Width plays a vital part when you not want bangs to shorten a round face. You can snip bangs just above the eyelashes to cheekbones and angling them down at the side. This will play up with your eyes.  You can also blow them dry with round brush and smooth them over with a flatiron. 

Tapered Pixie: Most of the women avoid going short. But we say don’t be afraid to go short. Havent you seen Ginnifer Goodwin and her piecey fringe that are paired with short tapered sides and give remarkable definition to her round face. Before going on for a cut ask your hair stylist for softness around the ears because clipping too much hairs around ears will look masculine. Use your fingers to style your hair and to avoid stiffness. Using brush will give your hairs too much artificial shape.

Voluminous Lob: You must have seen Adele in this hairstyle. Cheeks are the fullest part of any round face, so to enhance the angles along the jawline try to keep the weight at the ends of strands. This style is all about having same length but few soft layers at the bottom to add thickness. This hairstyle gives you a retro feel but make sure you don’t over style it.

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