Braid Bun Tutorial: 6 Simple Steps

Braid Bunch TutorialOur Braid Bun tutorial contains 6 steps. After reading the entire guide you’ll realize this is utterly an easy hairstyle which you can wear casually and surely it will not take much of your time.

Step 1:

For making a beautiful braid bun, firstly you have to wash your hair with shampoo & conditioner so that your hair becomes soft and shinny. After that, straighten your hair by using straightener and make your hair smooth so that the hairstyle will then be easy to make.

Step 2:

In second step, make a perfect ponytail in the middle of the head which gives a fine look to the hair. This ponytail will help you to make the hairstyle in a very easy way. It is recommended to leave one layer of your hair from any of the side of the face and not to include it in your ponytail.

Step 3:

Moving towards the third step, you have to use straightener again and now straight that one layer which can be in right side or left side of your head. This will make that layer softer and will help you to make braid more comfortably.

Step 4:

Now in fourth step, you have to make braid from that layer from one side. It is suggested that start making braid by using the hair of ponytail as well. In this way layer from one side and the hair bound in ponytail will be used in making a fine and attractive braid.

Step 5:

Now in fifth step, you have to give a round shape to that braid and make it a roll to the bunch of the ponytail. Remember that for more attractive looks, you have to constantly watch your hair which are tied in a bunch and give them a beautiful appearance. In the last, tie the braid again and attach it to the hair using a hair pin or any hair clip.

Step 6:

Here comes our last step of Braid Bun tutorial and give your bun a final look! Apply the hair spray on your hair so that hairstyle stays for the rest of the day. There you go! Beautiful bunch braid is ready, you can make it in parties and wedding functions as well.

We’ve provided you simple steps so that you can change your look quickly, hope you understood and liked our Braid Bun Tutorial!

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