L’Oreal Paris -Because you’re worth it

L’Oreal Paris -Because you’re worth itL’Oreal Paris founded on July 30, 1909 is a French cosmetics brand having a registered office in Paris and one of the most recommended international brand all over the world. The slogan of the product “Because you’re worth it” empowers every particular woman to recognize their significance and to explore that how much admirable they are, to others. For the purpose L’Oreal is one of the most preferable brand giving every women giving them a new innovative lifestyle by making differentiated products and gaining consumers loyalty. This brand is not only cherished by ordinary clients but also by various Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities as well.

As L’Oreal is not targeting any single population, but they are looking for every particular woman having several skin types and tones due to which they are offering a mass variety of “Hair colors”, “Sun protection creams”, “Perfumes” and most popular “Makeover products” to their clients. They are also focusing on creating an interactive kiosk so that every single consumer can avail the facility of finding the perfect product according to their skin form and need.

If we consider the past of L’Oreal, we will realize that this company always consider all the issues of their potential customers very sincerely. In 2003 the company establishes an association for Ethnic Hair & Skin Research in Chicago just to gain innovative knowledge about different types of skins and Hair issues. The company developed the understanding that which skin and hair product is most appropriate to resolve multiple skin and hair problems. As the CEO of the company “Jean Paul Agon” wanted to reach to the peak of the business therefore the company decided to manufacture most innovative products with latest technology so that it meets to the customer’s needs and desires and it will become a source of increasing the overall profit.

L’Oreal Nail Designing Products:

L’Oreal is offering their clients a vast collection of nail colors, mainly girls in between in the age of teen love to create nail arts with numerous different colors so the company has manufactured shinny bright nail polishes. The texture of these colors makes an attractive look on the nails corresponds to each and every category of clothing.

Nail collection of L’Oreal is offering “New Spring Riche Nail color series”. These are the wardrobe of 41 gel based nail colors giving a beautiful shinny texture to the nails. With the multiple colors a paddle brush is given so your nails can be easily coated with the most favorite color of yours corresponds to the outfit you will wear out. The brushes of these polishes are in a flat shape so it is very easy to use it frequently.

L’Oreal Lips Makeover Products:

L’Oreal is presenting massive collection in lipsticks and lip glosses as well. These colorful lipsticks are manufactured just according to the related skin tone type. By using the product you are able to convert your rough lips to shinny and glossy lips easily.

The lip collection of L’Oreal is offering “Latest       Riche Lip colors with Shines & Smoothes”. The color will provide an intense look on your lip lines and with the help of luxurious oily pigments the color will stay longer easily. By using it you can feel the glossiness and softness on your lips which creates attraction. These lip colors are available in nine exclusive shades according to your all requirements.

L’Oreal Hair Styling Products:

L’Oreal Expertise in Hair styling recommended nourishing solutions to every kind of hairs in a large variety. They are offering only one hair product for several different hair problems which includes Dry hairs, Rough hairs, dull hairs and Split ends.

L’Oreal hair expertise are providing “Smooth Intense Nourishing Shampoo and “Total Repair 5” for many hair problems. For curly hairs “Ever curl Hydra charge Shampoo and Conditioner” which give pure clean looks for about 48 hours without drying out curly hairs. “Intense smoothing Shampoo” is for making long lasting straight hairs without wash is recommended by the brand.

L’Oreal is giving an online website for the details about all the products related to makeover to their clients so that they can avail this facility easily. Now we can say L’Oreal is one of the most recommended cosmetics brand so just use and make yourself valuable “Because you’re worth it”

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