Steps To Make A Broader Eye Brows

Steps To Make A Broader Eye BrowMany of girls have thin Eye brows naturally due to which the makeup looks imperfect on them. For resolving the issue of thin Eye brows and to make your Eye brows broader and perfect a simple and easy method is introduced.

Step 1: Clean Your Eye Brows

Clean your eye brow with the help of any brush so that natural eye brow can be easily identified.

Step 2: Draw Your Eye Brows

Draw your eye brow’s upper layer and lower layer with eye brow pencil or eye shade by determining the natural edges and arch of your eye brow.

Step 3: Eye Shade Brush

With the help of eye shade brush fill it to enhance the look of eye brow more finely.

Step 4: Use Pencil

Again slightly use the pencil to give a final look on the drawing of your eye brow.

Step 5: Draw Edges Of Eye Brow

Take concealer of 1 shade lighter shade of your skin tone and with the help of brush draw the edges of eye brow.

Step 6: Blend Concealer Lines

Blend the both upper and lower concealer lines and mix it finely so the both lines of concealer will be disappear and gives a perfect look to your eye brows.

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