Red Lipstick: The Confidence Booster!

Red Lipstick The Confidence BoosterDid you ever give a thought that a smooth Red lipstick is extraordinarily empowering? Ever wondered that why only a Red shady lipstick makes you feel more competent at workplace?

Surprisingly, the above stated fact is absolutely correct! Poppy King, the creator of Lipstick Queen gave special remarks to Red lipstick by saying “Red Lipstick is purely a source of confidence and strength”. To make it simpler, as Red is a bright color; so when you apply it on your lips, you can attract people towards you, especially your mouth, and yes of course people will give attention to your words ultimately leading you to be more confident at workplaces.

The study has been conducted to find out that really the Red Lipstick affect a person’s confidence level in a positive manner or it’s a just an imaginary picture. While discovering, researchers started by tracking the eye movements of 50 men who were asked to view different faces of women. The results revealed that Red Lipstick took 7.3 seconds attention, 6.7 seconds on those who wore pink shade and unfortunately, 2.2 seconds on those who did not wear any lipstick. We can feel how strong the effects of Red color are.

Now the trend of applying Red lipstick is growing at faster pace, but then suddenly question arises in our minds: Only the daring or bold woman applies red lipstick, or just because of the favorable external reinforcement makes her feel this way?
It seems that, we shall never know about the actual reason, but according to the several interviews it has been revealed that pregnant women apply red lipstick because it makes them feel strong, so yes we can believe this trick really works and could be helpful for those females who feel less competent and unsecured.

This is also true that some women hesitate while applying red lipstick; surely we can assume that it requires much confidence to apply red color but focus on the consequences it will make you more confident, bold, energetic and of course ATTRACTIVE! And everyone knows confidence is the only key which drives us towards better future.
So if you really wish to increase your confidence level and want to be bold, try this because it actually works!

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Maheen Siddiqui

Maheen Siddiqui

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