Top 5 Red Nail Arts

5- Red

TOP 5 RED NAIL ARTS 1Red is the most gorgeous color to the eyes in every type of fashion. This red nail arts are not only stunning in looks, but it is extremely easy to make as well. All you have to apply red and black matte shade to your nails and on 2nd or 3rd finger you can make the vice versa design of other nails art shades. All together it gives a very fabulous look to your nails in just 15 minutes.

4- Glamorous Shine Of Red

TOP 5 RED NAIL ARTS 2The second design is simply shimmering the glamorous shine of red nail arts. These types of designs also reflect the creativeness of mind. You can apply these designs in parties & wedding nights. In this design firstly you have apply the shiny red nail color finely to your nails and then apply another nail color gel of color red on the tip of the nails. Now this design gives a very eye catching feel to the nails.

3- Blood Red

TOP 5 RED NAIL ARTS 3Blood red nail arts  a color showing passion of soul, when it is necessary to attract love ones or someone special, this red matte works very effectively for girls. Creative designs on the third finger give a trendy look to the fingers. This engagement finger nail art is probably simple to draw. First apply white as the base of nail, and then with the help of tools in the nail art kit, draw black & red strips on the nail.

2- Red, White & Black Color

TOP 5 RED NAIL ARTS 4Another picture showing a perfect combination of Red, White & Black color, these red dots can be making easily with the thin tip brush present in the nail art kit. This is considering as one of other stunning art design.

1- Bloody Red Base

TOP 5 RED NAIL ARTS 5Last but not the least, bloody red base with the pieces of shine disco is spread on the top of nails gives a classy looks to the nail and it looks hot!



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