Trending Nail Art Ideas To Try Before The Summer Ends

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When it comes to nail art then summer is the most inspiring time of the year . During the hot summer days, you can get creative and free with your experimenting as never before. You can try different styles, designs, and colors and almost never be wrong because summer represents easiness and recklessness, so your style should represent them as well. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the hot summer days with the style you have always wanted.

During summer your nails should be eye catchy, fresh and fun. They should represent your personality and style, and as always they should match your outfit. Try to use intense and bold colors, but don’t forget to use vivid shades and neons as well.

How to take care of your nails during summer

1-Control your habits

  • Always use good quality soap when you are washing your hands.
  • Every day use cream or oil to avoid dryness of your hands. You don’t want to harm your cuticles.
  • Trim the nails before taking a shower, because afterward, they are becoming soft and they can break easily.
  • Never cut your cuticles. Apply cuticle remover gel and push them with a cuticle stick.
  • Stop smoking, because the tobacco is coloring the nails.

2-Protect your nails

Your nails should be protected during the summer period, just like you are protecting your skin and hair. The sun can dehydrate your nails as well, so try to moisturize them as much as you can.

3-Eat healthy

One of the most important factors for healthy and beautiful nails during summer days is the healthy diet. Try to eat as much fruits and veggies as you can, and drink a lot of water and milk. The vitamins and minerals will straighten your nails. Right now I am on this special three week diet plan and I can feel the difference right away.

Summer trends, colors, and designs

Now that we learned how to take care of our nails during the summer period, we can check some awesome nail art designs, trend, and colors that we can try before the summer ends!

1-Sunny Yellow


This may not be the first shade that comes to your mind, but this color will show your bright and funky personality. It goes great with bright and neon colors, so you can easily combine it with your summer clothes.



If you have few colors in mind, then this is the best way to use them all. It takes more time to complete the manicure, but the end result is totally worth it.

Road Trip

If you want to travel a lot during the summer period,then this is the best way to show it.

Melon inspiration

What is better than a fresh slice of watermelon during a hot summer day? Impress everyone around you with this cute and adorable look.


Funky fresh design that you will love! The worst thing is that it is really hard to do it alone, so you may need to visit a beauty salon.

Pastel Prints

This style has been a huge trend last summer, but it is still fun and awesome to try it.


This style will represent your cute personality and your fun side!

Important note

Although summer is the best period to try many color and design trend, try to manicure your nails only once a week. Most of the nail polishes contain acetone, which makes your nails soft.

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