Wearing a Hijab and Fashion Trends

Wearing-a-HijabToday mostly girls are not familiar with the actual meaning of the term “Wearing a Hijab”. The word Hijab refers to the veil which is to wear on the head to cover the hairs and neck easily. Hijab is also termed as headscarf but it cannot cover up the entire body of a woman. As, showing the hairs for a women is not allowed in the religious norms so that’s why usually girls wear a scarf on head which covers the full hairs and gives an attractive look to the face too. Today wearing Hijab is now becoming a popular trend which makes a girl comfortable in front of males and to feel free to perform any work efficiently in any educational institution or any other places.

“Hijab” and “Burqa” has a significant importance in cultural values so, many girls use to follow this teaching of culture and wear Hijab or Burqa for it. There is a significant difference between Hijab and Burqa; basically Burqa is a cloth which can cover the full body of women. It starts from the headscarf till the knees it will cover easily. But Hijab is only for covering the head, Hairs and Neck. In Burqa your clothes will also be not visible to others but in Hijab you have to care about the clothes as well because they are visible to others. Some women also prefers Naqab on the Burqa or Abaya”. In Naqab you have to cover up your face also with a scarf so that only your eyes will be visible to everyone.

Latest Hijab Trends:

Now a days you can get different varieties of Hijab styles accessible in markets. The only color which was used for any Hijab or Burqa in olden times was “Black” but now various colors are easily available for women to select. Mostly girls who wear only Hijab on dress they carry the Hijab of the color which is identical to their clothes as well. And in Burqa or Abaya now many colors and designs are available so instead of wearing only one color in Burqa or Abaya they wear latest designs in this category also.

Peach and Blue color are most in colors today in Burqa and Hijab category. You can also find double shaded Abaya’s also like an Abaya consist of two colors White and Black. Girls who are the students they usually choose these double shaded Abaya’s and Hijab’s which will gives a fine look to them.

Advantages in Wearing Hijab:

First of all the main advantage is as according to culture of the country girls who are wearing Hijab are following the norms and values of society.

Secondly wearing Hijab gives you an inner security and comfort ability that you have covered your body now you can work freely without any hesitation.

It gives a beautiful look to any girl if she carries Hijab or Abaya, she looks more attractive in that rather then not wearing.

“The beauty of the moon doesn’t change when it is covered by clouds, just as beauty of women remains when covered by Hijab”
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