3 Simple Methods to Get Rid Of Pimple Marks

Methods to get rid from pimple marksPimple Marks or Acne Scars are biologically known as “Acne Vulgaris” is a skin long term issue caused by having oily skin and pimples on face. These scars are the effect of inflammation during the skin healing process. These are commonly available on the face of people having fair skin tone. Every girl & boy at a certain age wants to get rid of these pimple marks, for this they try many of chemicals on their faces which cause several side effects also.
Without using make up, girls can easily reduce the marks and scars of pimples by using these simple natural remedies.

Method 1:

For removing the scars and pimple marks, Lemon juice is very effective on the skin. Just make a paste of Lemon juice and Water and combine them finely and use it only on scars not on whole face skin.
After 15 to 20 min wash it with simple water only not with any soap or face wash. Don’t rub the face while washing it.

Method 2:

On scars Baking Soda works very immediately. Use Baking soda to reduce the appearance of the pimples marks. Mix 1 tea’s spoon of Baking Soda and mix it with 2 tea’s spoon of water and make a fine paste. Remember the paste should not be too dry and also not too liquid in nature.
Apply the paste on the scars/marks of face for about 5 minutes until the whole paste becomes dry. Rinse the face wash it slowly without rubbing the face.

Method 3:

For the reduction of redness of the pimples marks Honey is very effective. It contains antibacterial elements in it which will immediately attack on pimples marks. Take honey make it a little bit thin by stir it with spoon and use it on marks.
Honey is very useful on sensitive skin, rinse the face after honey becomes dry on face and washes the face finely.

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