4 Top Bollywood Celebrities And Their Fitness Secrets

4 Top Bollywood Celebrities And Their Fitness Secrets

We know that Bollywood is one industry where fit is fabulous. Besides their films and relationships, Bollywood celebrities are often known for their strict work-out routine and diet plans. So here are some top Bollywood celebrities and their secrets of healthy body structure & maintenance.

1- Hrithik Roshan:

Hrithik Roshan is among the top Bollywood celebrities and he has kept the secret of his attractive & hot body shape. Recently in 2015, his body needs training to get in order again. So he visited one of the most famous therapist “Kris Gethin” and he planned and developed the schedule of Hrithik’s diet plan which includes meat only 100 grams, broccolis, Spanish, rice & pasta. After few days, eggs and protein were also added in his diet plan. This effort pays off and Hrithik loses about 10 kg of his weight in a short span of time.

2- Nargis Fakhri:

The “Rockstar Girl” is among the glamorous and top Bollywood celebrities who’s quite health and fitness conscious by the way, she first maintain her body structure before signing a movie. She advises her fans & friends over her pages and accounts to drink 2 to 3 liter of water every day & eat vegetables mostly in your diet, which will make your body shape maintain and loses the weight as well. Her gym structure advises her to drink more & more juices as well, that’s why her “Juice cleanse diet”, becomes famous in the industry.

3- Akshay Kumar:

Akshay is basically his own boss, he is highly connected to nature so that’s the reason he prefers natural tips to keep him fresh & healthy. He prefers to eat the dinner at 7.30pm & keep the food able to digest easily. He is the only man in the Bollywood industry who wakes up with the sunrise and start exercising to warm up his body. He is a man with strict rules to follow in every aspect of his life. He also doesn’t prefer to drink which will result as harmful for his health.

4- Sonam Kapoor:

The fashion Icon of Bollywood industry, daughter of the great Anil Kapoor, has some secrets regarding her healthy body structure & fitness. She prefers Yoga which helps her to maintain her body more flexible & balanced. She also does jogging & swimming which makes her fresh and enhances the blood circulation better. In her diet plan, meat & dairy is totally excluded and she only prefers fresh veggies, eggs and protein drinks and that’s what her daily routine is.


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