5 Tips How Students Memorize Something

5 Tips For Students To Memorize SomethingFor student it’s always very difficult to memorize theories, topic and lectures. However there is no rocket science in it. There are few tips and techniques that I want share in this document which will help student in keeping lots of information in their mind. Basically there are two parts to memorize something: getting it into your brain and then getting it out again. Surprisingly, the first part is relatively easy. Your brain can hold a lot of information

  • Divide Them To Make It Easy

Don’t try to memorize too much at one time. Instead, break it up into parts. If you are trying to memorize a poem, don’t do the whole thing at once. Memorize just one stanza at a time. For example. Remembering 10 numbers in a sequence is hard (3 0 7 5 5 5 8 2 9 4). But remembering 10 numbers in telephone format is a lot easier (307-555-8294).
Remember just the critical information. If you are making a presentation about constellations, you don’t have to remember every one of them. Find out what your teacher expects for the presentation and focus on those aspects.

  • Repetition

Repetition over time is the most important method of getting information into your head and retrieving it readily. Don’t cram; the information won’t stick. Repeat the information frequently over time.

  • Teach Your Friends

It is one of the best ways of memorizing. People often amaze about their teacher that how our teachers exactly know all the topics and even the book page no of those topics. It is just because they are teaching same thing again again. This allows not only memorizing a thing but it will also enhance your knowledge about a particular topics.

For example I’m going to teach my friend about a particular topic I will first focus on understand it completely then try to make it understood to my friend, this will happen only when I study that topic deeply or thoroughly which will automatically help me in memorizing that topic.

  • Mnemonics

Mnemonics work for some people. This is the strategy where you associate information with something else. One of the best examples of mnemonic for the planets, when Pluto was included: “My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas.”

  • Adding A Tune

Adding a tune to what you are memorizing can be really helpful. The best example is the alphabet song, which you probably learned when you were four or five years old. Isn’t it unbelievable that you could remember all 26 letters at that age?

  • The Bottom Line

Student can easily memorize anything they want by using these techniques. No matter how much they want to memorize if they are using these techniques they will be successful. However there is no limit of memorizing tips it all depend on you which techniques suits you or there might be any other way which you use to memorize. So do use these techniques and also ask your friends regarding their memorizing techniques

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