5 Tips To Take Care of Your Nails

5 Tips to Take Care of Your NailsNails are actually one of the most attractive features of your hands. If you keep them healthy and well-maintained, they can make your fingers and hands look clean and pretty. However, for your nails to be healthy, you need to take proper care of them. Here are some tips to take care of your nails…

Tips To Take Care Of Your Nails

1- Keep Your Nails Dry

The first tips to take care of your nails is about keeping your nails dry. You should not try wet your nails too much. Of course, you need to wash your hands, but make sure you also dry them well. Don’t ever put rubber gloves on wet hands or do anything similar that will prevent your nails from breathing. Wet, warm environment is practically heaven for growing of bacteria and fungi, and neither of those brings anything good to your nail

2- Keep Them Short:

Nails have a tendency to break and chip when they’re allowed to grow too long. That’s why stylists and nail technicians always recommend that you keep the length reasonably short. That would allow you to handle day-to-day tasks like typing and writing easily and still give your hands that manicured look.

3- Trim Them Regularly And Carefully:

The edges of the nails can become brittle overtime so it’s a good idea to trim them regularly. You should use a sharp clipper that would trim the nails without causing them to splinter at the edges.

4- File Them Well:

Unfortunately, very few people know how to file their nails properly. They run the file in a sawing motion that splinters the edges of the nails instead of smoothing them. You should always file in one direction along with the curve of your nail.

5- Remove Old Nail Polish:

You shouldn’t let nail polishes linger on your nails for too long. When they chip, they can damage the surface and make your nails rough. You should use a gentle nail polish remover to remove polish that has started to chip and replace it with a fresh coat. You might also want to allow your nails a few polish-free days, just to maintain their health.

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