5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Cuticles

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your CuticlesPeople who have never experienced a pedicure and manicure before don’t usually focus on the health of their cuticles. They don’t understand the importance of that small sliver of skin that forms a tight seal at the base of their nails. In fact, they allow cuticles to flake and peel, which can actually be quite painful.

People also treat their nails carelessly, biting them, letting them chip or break, etc. At Pedi Source, we encourage people to take good care of your hands and feet because they’re often the most ignored parts of a person’s body, especially cuticles and nails. Here is some information about how to take care of cuticles and nails.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Cuticles

Cuticles play a very important role in your hand’s health because they form a tight seal at the base of the nail. This seal keeps germs and dirt away from the vulnerable nail bed and helps prevent infections. Needless to say, you need to make sure they stay healthy and here’s how you can take care of your cuticles…

1- Keep Hands Clean:

It’s important to keep your hands as clean as possible. That would contribute towards the overall health of your cuticles and stop any infection before it has a chance to settle in.


Most people moisturize their face and body but completely forget about their hands and feet. These areas require special care because the skin here tends to dry very quickly. You can use your regular body moisturizer or purchase hand or foot creams. These are generally more potent than normal moisturizers and will soften and hydrate your cuticles well.

3-Establish a Daily Routine:

You need to moisturize your hands at least once in a day so that the cuticles don’t become dry. However, we do recommend that you apply moisturizer every time you wash your hands with soap. The ingredients in soap usually dry cuticles and make them more vulnerable to peeling and flaking.

4-Dry Cuticles:

If your cuticles are dry, they can peel and develop painful tears. You can soften them easily if you soak your hands in warm water or apply cream on them.

5-Never Cut:

You should not cut cuticles because you’ll expose your nail bed to infections if you do. If you want a clean nail surface, just push them back gently with a cuticle tool.

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