5 Ways You Can Get Healthy Without Realizing It

5 Ways You Can Get Healthy Without Realizing ItExercise can seem like just another chore that you don’t have the time or money for. We all want to be fit and healthy but with work, the kids, shopping, laundry and cooking, who has time to work out?

Gyms are expensive and can be intimidating. However, you don’t have to go to the gym to be fit and healthy. Exercising without exercising is one of the easiest ways you can get healthy. Here are 5 ways to increase your health and fitness without even realizing it.

1-Sit Less

If you take public transport to and from work, this is the perfect opportunity to sit less. Stand while you’re waiting for public transport, while you’re on public transport, at parties and wherever possible. Studies have shown that too much sitting is linked to heart disease, diabetes and premature death.

It can be hard to avoid sitting, especially if you have a desk job. Ensure you are getting up from your desk every 20 minutes. Go for a walk up and down the stairs, to the printer or over to a college for a chat. This will get the blood flowing throughout your body again. Set a reminder on your phone to remind yourself.

2-Take The Kids To The Park

Taking the kids to the park to play can also be a great way for you to exercise. If you have a baby, ensure you have a pram. If not you can get a high quality and affordable baby pram stroller online. Most mums get out and about with their prams but don’t realise that it can be a great workout. While walking increase your heart rate and your pace for cardio. Then while the kids play, there are a number of exercises like stroller squats or lunges that you can do for strength.

3-Do The Housework

You are probably dedicating at least a couple of hours a week to cleaning and you probably notice yourself taking off layers as you work. That’s because your heart rate is increasing whilst you rush around getting things done. Cleaning the house is a great way to exercise without realizing, so crank up the tunes and pick up the pace. You’ll get the job done quicker and lose a few kilos while doing so; it’s a win-win.

4-Get In The Garden

Just like doing the house work, gardening is also a great way to get you chores done and burn some calories. You would be surprised how much you move up and down when gardening. Digging, pulling out weeds, stomping and mowing will have you breaking a sweat in no time, so get gardening.

5-Drink More Water

Drinking more water has a lot of benefits. It fills you up and prevents you from reaching for food out of boredom. It eliminates toxins from your body, helps with digestion and with maintaining a healthy bowel function. Not only that, it helps with your skin’s hydration and taking care of your nails and cuticles. If your lips are flakey or you’re noticing a few under eye wrinkles, it could be because you’re not drinking enough water. Ensure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

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