6 Hidden Benefits of Facial Massage You Never Know

Benefits of Facial Massage

After enduring a long day of pressure brought on by a hectic workload, nothing beats getting a massage to ease away the stress. Facial massages are fundamental more effective as the face is connected to a variety of nerves and pressure points. Primarily, different forms of facial therapies are beneficial to the face as it helps to promote better skin condition. Unknown to most people, facial massages also contain hidden benefits that can help to improve an individual’s overall health condition.

Hidden Benefits of Facial Massage

1. Migraine Relief

This is among the most healthiest benefits of facial massage. People who suffer from episodes of a migraine would be relieved to know that facial massages are effective towards easing the unbearable pain symptoms. According to a study conducted by the Department of Psychology at The University of Auckland, scientists were able to deduce conclusively that facial massage helps to decrease the frequency of migraines. In addition to this discovery, it was also noted that facial massages help individuals achieve a better sleep cycle, reduces anxiety and controls heart rate.

2. Enhance Individual Mood

A landmark study conducted by the Kyushu University established the relationship between facial massages and the state of individual mood. Based on independent tests lasting 45 minutes each, the results proved that facial massages can effectively reduce stress and help to enhance positive mood symptoms. A separate clinical trial published in 2009 also backed up this claim. Based on the tests administered to 50 participants, it was noted that massages helped participants achieve a relaxed state of mind, enhanced alertness, lowered anxiety levels and reduced the signs of depressed mood. Interestingly, participants also registered improved efficiency in solving mathematical equations.

3. Prevent Wrinkle Formation

As the body endures stress on a daily basis, it accumulates in the system and results in tension buildup. This inadvertently damages skin cells and results in wrinkle formation. Another process that can cause facial wrinkles is when people furrow their brows or purse their lips. This is a common symptom that people subconsciously display when they are facing high levels of stress. Through gentle and regular facial massages, these unsightly lines can be effectively eased away, leading to younger looking skin in the long run. Indeed this is among the commonly known benefits of facial massage.

4. Full Body Detoxification

When receiving therapeutic facial massages, it stimulates a variety of vessels that are linked to other parts of the body. One such vessel is the lymphatic vessel. This specific vessel is vital towards attaining an improved health condition. The lymphatic system works by releasing lymph fluid into the blood stream. This fluid is channeled through the lymph nodes and aids in the elimination of toxins throughout the body. However, these elements need some physical motivation to function effectively. Facial massages provide the necessary force to push these substances through the body and effectively eliminates its existence from the body. Although other forms of massages can have the same effect, facial massages produce better results. This is because many lymph nodes are located in the lower facial features.

5. Ease Impurity Congestion

As the face is constantly exposed to the natural impurities in the environment, it is susceptible to attacks by these harmful elements. Prolonged exposed to these elements adversely affects facial skin condition as they start to accumulate and can even make their way into the deeper layers of the skin. Together with other causes such as lack of sleep and high levels of stress, symptoms such as puffiness under eyes, dark rings and headaches might present themselves. Facial massages can help to alleviate these signs as it improves the blood circulation in the face and relieve the congestion of impurities. Through regular facial massages, it helps to prevent impurities from wreaking havoc in the skin and makes it easier to achieve healthier skin condition.

6. Lower Blood Pressure

In 2005, a study discovered that facial massages are effective in promoting healthier levels of blood pressure. Throughout a 12-week period, different tests were conducted on the all-male group of participants. After the end of the trial, the scientists were able to show that massage therapy eased high levels of blood pressure in the participants. There results were so successful that the research recommended patients of high blood pressure to consider regular massages as an alternate treatment for their illness.


Referring to the 6 hidden benefits of facial massage above, it can be safely concluded that the application of facial massage therapy should be an essential step in all health care routines. While other routines are only able to treat specific symptoms, facial massages have established itself as a comprehensive alternative treatment to unsightly symptoms such as wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes. Other than physical signs, facial massages are also beneficial to the body system as it helps to reduce blood pressure, relief stress and aids in detoxification of the body.




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