7 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne By Home Remedies

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne By Home Remedies1-Choose your essential oils

The oil listed here have either antibacterial or antiseptic property, they can kill the bacteria that cause acne and prevent the formation of acne. If you have a tendency to be nervous or depressed, use the lavender. If you have some pimples (usually bacterial), in addition to blackheads, use an herb with antibacterial properties.

  1. Peppermint oils may be annoying to some, so pre-test it by putting a single drop of it on your hand and wait for 10-15 minutes. If there is no irritation, you should be able to use the oil. Start with 1 drop per quart of water. Peppermint contains menthol, which has both antiseptic and immune-boosting properties.
  2. Thyme boosts the immune system and has antibacterial properties. It also increases circulation of the blood by opening up blood vessels.
  3. Calendula (gainda) speeds up healing and has antimicrobial properties.
  4. Lavender (jasmine oil) is soothing and can help with anxiety and depression. It also has antibacterial properties.
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2-Steam your face

Put a large, hygienic cotton towel or cloth over your head. Put your face in the steam. Keep your eyes closed during the steaming procedure to protect them from steam damage. Stay your face at least 12 inches far from the water so you don’t burn your skin. Breathe normally and relax. Keep your face over the steam for about 10 minutes

3-Mix your herbal mask base

In a bowl, mix together 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 egg white, and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. These ingredients have natural properties that will help restore to health your skin. For example, honey has antibacterial and astringent properties. The egg whites not only thicken the mask, but also act as an astringent, and the lemon juice is both an astringent and a natural bleach/whitening agent.

4-Use proper washing technique

You may be convincing to use a washcloth or gloves to wash your face, but your best utensils are your fingertips. Especially if your skin already has acne, you don’t want to irritate it with rough surfaces. Massage cleansers into your skin in calm, rounded motions for about 10 seconds.

5-Fill out your diet with Vitamins A and D

You should also make sure that you’re introducing the suitable nutrients for skin health into your body. The vitamins that appear to be most important for the skin are vitamins A and D. Work the following foods into your diet:

Vegetables: Sweet potato, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, red peppers

Fruit: mangoes, apricots

Legumes: Black-eyed peas

Meat and Fish: beef liver, salmon

Fish: Cod liver oil, salmon, tuna

Dairy: Milk, yogurt, cheese

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6-Wash your face

Wash your face with a soap bar, and then apply a paste of water and baking soda. Finally, splash your face with cold water. Do this twice a week

7-Do not burst your pimples

No matter how bad acne looks, you need to be aware of that those pimples are actually keeping harmful bacteria contained. The secretion that comes out of a burst pimple is full of the Pus and acne bacteria. This could potentially lead to acne spreading, rather than your pimple disappearing. burst blackhead can also cause scar and discoloration.

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