Choose the Right Office Chair Seat Cushion for a Comfortable Work Life


Office chair seat cushions are used to provide support, comfort, and to give solace from some physical discomforts or sufferings. Seat cushions are made in many different shapes and from different materials. In many cases, people spend more money on their working table than the chair. Do not risk your health by using least expensive uncomfortable chair for a long time. The cushions that you plan to buy, must be designed in such a manner that they spread the whole pressure of your body equally in all directions, and you do not suffer from osteon-related problems.

Benefits of A Quality Chair Seat Cushion:

Not only a good office chair seat cushion going to rescue you from back pain, but it also helps to stimulate blood circulation. Studies have shown that people are much more productive at work when they are more comfortable and pain free. Even if your employer doesn’t provide you a comfortable chair, you can invest in one yourself or at least buy an office chair seat cushion. A good quality office chair seat cushion is generally made up of good quality choir and foam and you can also get gel cushions in the market. Apart from this, they are easily washable and they last long even if you use them regularly.

Choose the Right Office Chair Seat Cushion for a Comfortable Work LifeThings to Keep in Mind When Choosing Office Chair Cushions:

  • Shape and Size of the chair cushion: Shape and size of the cushion is important for two reasons, ergonomics and portability. Office chair seat cushion that is not suitable for your chair will lead to wrong sitting posture and put pressure on your lower parts of the body. Also, cushions that are mostly bent will make your sitting posture unpleasant, and cause some health problems, such as back pain. If you plan to take your cushion even when you are travelling, then lookout for the suitable size of the cushion.
  • Maintenance: Some chair cushions are covered with easy to clean faux leather, and some have removable fabric covers. However, some chair cushions have fixed fabric covers, thus making them harder to clean. It is always better to go for materials, which are easy to clean.
  • Securing the cushion: If you do not move around or travel, then full chair cushion that is fixed to the chair is the best option. However, if you have more to do with traveling (For example: Truck drivers), you can go for portable foam seat chair cushions.

Different Types of Office Chair Cushions:

When it comes to choosing the office chair seat cushions, you will find that there are different varieties available and you can choose from the standard ones and the ones that are used for specific posture or body weight problems.

  • Standard seat cushions: Standard seat cushions are compact and have comparatively uniform wad that are created to comfort your spine and to avoid any pressure on the buttocks. This kind of office chair seat cushion is manufactured especially for those who are fighting against back pain or who suffer from coccyx pain or people who find normal cushionless chairs too hard to use.
  • Lumbar support chair cushions: In this type, chairs have wadded portion that supports your back to achieve the right sitting posture. They are available in different sizes, and it is necessary to select the correct size to make sure that they comfort your sitting posture.
  • Cushions with support for full chair seat and back: Full chair cushion is the combination of standard seat cushion and lumbar support. They are quite large in size.

You can also customize the design, shape and the size of the cushion according to the background color of your office, or in accordance with the color of the furniture that you have in your official set-up.




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