Eat These 5 Types of Foods for Healthier, Longer and Thicker Hair

Eat These 5 Type of Foods for Healthier, Longer and Thicker Hair

Your diet is one of the key factors when it comes to your hair’s health. Your expensive shampoo and hair conditioner can help, but the main reason for healthy hair is your diet in general. If you start eating a variety of healthy foods and nutrients that your body requires, your hair will start growing stronger and healthier than ever. Let’s check which foods and nutrients you need to start consuming more often and finally get the hair you always dreamed for.

Protein-rich foods

Protein rich foods are very important in your daily meal plan because it is essential for tissue repair and for the formation of new tissue. Your hair, skin, nails, muscles need enough protein on a daily basis to function normally and healthy. If your hair is getting thinner and breaks easily, then you need to start eating more protein rich foods. Here is a list of few foods which are a great source of proteins:

Eggs16 g of proteins
Cottage Cheese1/2 cup14 g of proteins
Steak3 oz23 g of proteins
Chicken Breast3 oz24 g of proteins
Yellowfin Tuna3 oz25 g of proteins
Octopus3 oz25 g of proteins
Sockeye Salmon3 oz23 g of proteins
Light Tuna3 oz22 g of proteins
Navy Beans1 cup20 g of proteins
Dried Lentils1/4 cup13 g of proteins
Tofu3 oz12 g of proteins
Green Peas1 cup7 g of proteins
Quinoa1 cup8 g of proteins


The iron deficit is one of the most common reasons for hair loss. Women are more prone to an iron deficit than man, that’s why you need to include iron-rich foods in your diet. To avoid hair loss you need to include red meat, leafy vegetables, tofu, lentils, oysters, raisins, beans and other iron rich foods to easily improve your iron levels.

Omega-3 Fatty acids

We all know that they are very beneficial when it comes to the cardiovascular health of the people, but they also play a great role when it comes to your hair health. They will help against itchy scalp and dry hair if you consume them regularly, plus they will help the hair to grow faster and stronger. You can find omega-3 acids in flax seed oil, salmon, chia seeds, tuna, egg yolks, walnuts, herring and in many more foods.

Eat These 5 Type of Foods for Healthier, Longer and Thicker Hair


If you don’t consume enough vitamins and minerals in your diet, then your hair can suffer as well as many other organs in the body. It is really crucial to consume enough vitamins so our body can function the way it supposed to.

One of the most important vitamins for healthy and beautiful hair is vitamin C, which helps the body to easier absorb the iron from the plant foods that we eat. You can find a lot of vitamin C in oranges, lemons, berries, tomatoes, citrus fruits and in many more other veggies and fruits.

B-complex will also help you return the shine of your hair. You can find it in eggs, grains, avocados etc.

Vitamin D will help you keep the follicles healthy and will stimulate the hair growth. The lack of this vitamin can cause hair loss, so regularly eat salmon, soy milk, milk, swiss cheese and other dairy products to avoid this problem.

Because many of us can’t be that careful with the diet, there are great supplements that can help you get the right dosage of vitamins that the body needs every day. You can read this great SugarBearHair vitamins review, and find out more about these kinds of hair supplements that are really helpful, especially if you live an active life.


When it comes to minerals, zinc is one of the most important ones for your hair health. Zinc helps to renew hair follicles and prevents gray hair. Seafood is the highest source of zinc, but you can also find it in chicken, pork, beef, lamb, cocoa, chocolate and other foods.

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