Health Careers For Aspiring College Students

Health Careers for Aspiring College Students

In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men

This Cicero’s quote perfectly describes the important and the nobleness of a career in medicine. A career in healthcare provides to opportunity to be a real-life superhero, and there does not even have to be any life saving involved. By taking care of people’s health, you are already doing the most significant job on the world. Putting the matters of heart aside, healthcare is a large industry constantly in demand for new workforce, so there is a certainty for many job opportunities after graduating. There are hundreds of different types of medical jobs to choose from. Here are some of the fastest-growing.

Registered Nurse

Nurses make up the largest portion of the medical workforce (more than 15% in US) and there is always demand for such jobs. In many countries, nurses are licensed to do almost everything physicians do, but with closer relationship with patients. Registered nurse is one of the most in-demand jobs in US, but in all other countries across the world too, due to the tendency of growth in demand for healthcare, worldwide.


According to The Richest, dentist alongside physicians and surgeons, are on the top of the list of the highest paying jobs of 2015, and we are not talking just about medical professions. It is no wonder, because oral health is more and more linked with overall health. Dentists do not only take care of the teeth, but they can also notice signs of undiagnosed heart disease, oral cancer or diabetes, during a standard dental exam. Another tempting profession is dentist hygienist, which have reasonably high salary and mostly part time work hours.

Disability Support Worker

This is a job focused on improving people’s life, more than any other of the previously mentioned. It is quite possibly the hardest one too. But it can also be the most rewarding, both in financial and emotional sense. The minimum level of qualifications you will need for this job is a certificate, but if you want to advance in the career you will have to obtain a certified disability diploma. There are many prospects for progress, and by expanding your knowledge and experience, you will get to higher grade and rate of pay.

Physical Therapist

As the population ages, there is more demand for physical therapists. The job is focused on helping the patients reduce pain associated with moving and increase mobility. Due to its relation with physical pain and injuries there are also a lot of career opportunities in the world of sport. Senior patients, on the other side, might require rehab after strokes, heart attacks, and other illnesses often linked with old age. Physical therapist is on the top of the lists for best healthcare jobs and the salary matches its rank.

Medical Office Administrative and Support Job

Medical office administrative workers are the pillars of healthcare. Though their work may be invisible to us, the truth is that they make it all happen. They make a huge chunk of the entire healthcare industry. Because they require little college coursework they are not paid as high as some of the previously mentioned, but there is a possibility for progress. Also, what makes them so tempting is that they are in great demand and almost always available. That makes support jobs a great place to start your career in medicine where you can begin practicing and getting to know the environment even during college courses. Office administrative jobs include medical transcriptionists, receptionists, advisers, consultants and other support jobs.

No one knows what the future holds, but there is no question that these medical careers will continue to rise and thus provide numerous job opportunities. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you and excel in it.

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