Healthier Life With 100% Fruit Juice Consumption

Healthier Life With 100% Fruit Juice ConsumptionDo you want to have a fitness mantra with these mouthwatering fruits? Than Go for 100% pure fruit juice, yes it works!

These colorful fruit slabs can make anyone to crave for them, from adolescents to elder ones none can denies the entice of fruit, but unfortunately some hearsay in the air declares that fruit juice contains added sugar. Which becomes the reason of obesity and overweight. So in the favor of health conscious one and to the brighter extent good news for fruit lovers is a research that shows 100% fruit juice intake. And its health benefits if used in a proportionate manner varying with age groups .Juices that are labeled as “ pure fruit juice” or 100%friut juice is extracted purely from natural fruits and contains no additives, preservatives and sweeteners in it according to Katherine zeratsky nutritionist of the mayo clinic, content of mineral and vitamins is far higher in 100% fruit juice as compared to sweeten fruit juice or fruit cocktails.

Inherently perishable foods such as whole fruit juice contains nutrients in higher density, which can improve health status considerably, according to national health and nutrition examination survey (1999-2004) author out shown the comparative results of consumers and non consumers of 100% fruit juice and it declares that those who consumed 100% fruit juice have lower mean BMI lower waist circumference and lower metabolic syndrome, an added benefit is that it has detoxifying agents.

So have fun and live a healthy life.

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Aniqa Moazzam

Aniqa Moazzam

Official Contributor at ProLinked Magazine