The Truth About Alcohol

The Truth About AlcoholA society is framed by the beliefs and the habits that individuals adopt as their way of living. The modes we choose to change in life leads to the creation of the road we call as “Social Progress”.

“Progressing” or if we may call it “advancing” is always considered to be a positive element on this path, but in the current era of globalization certain trends can also impact a society adversely, leading towards the destruction of social morals, values and beliefs. Usage of Alcohol is one of the society’s evils and will be discussed with detail in the lines to follow.

Besides the religious point of view, it’s very important that as a loyal part of the society we should also deeply understand the unfavorable effects that usage of alcohol brings in to our health, relationships and overall quality of life.

Health & Alcohol

From a health perspective, although alcohol is used for curing purposes in many medicines these days but its extensive usage as a beverage leads to many health issues, some of them being;

  • High blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Increased chance of getting a heart attack
  • Memory loss
  • Lethargic outlook and lack of patience
  • Sudden mood swings with behavioral issues.

The usage of alcohol is also very harmful to an individual’s social life because as an alcohol addict he is unable to maintain a healthy social life thus impacting the relationships and worldly affairs he is trying to manage.

In a society like ours certain negative impacts an alcohol addict will face are;

  • Poor family interaction levels including spouse and children
  • Confused relationships with friends and social circle resulting in further frustration
  • Lack of self-confidence and low levels of self-esteem.

With the above discussed concerns it is clearly concluded that an unhealthy individual who has lost his/her self-esteem, who is socially not acceptable cannot be a productive member of the society, in fact he would be a source of destroying the humanity with its evil action that would eventually invite difficult circumstances for the person who is addicted to it and will bring down upon other evils along with this that would be unable to resolve.

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