5G Is Expected To Come In 2020

5G launchWhat if you download 8K videos in 3D in about six seconds? Pretty Amazing…

Wireless industries are working to provide you the best internet service in the form of “5G”. Some of the companies like smartphone chip makers, cell phone carriers and the major network equipment companies are struggling to develop 5G network technology for the customers. Some of the hurdles are facing by these companies which have to be resolve before you see a 5G symbol on your smartphone screen.

Off course, it will be pretty much faster, smarter and less power-hunger than the 4G. 5G will let you to have more smart-home devices, faster smartphones and longer lasting wearable gizmos. It has the potential to offer speed up to forty (40) times faster than the 4G. For instance, you will be able to download a 3D movie in approximately 6 seconds as compared to 4G which would take 6 minutes. Furthermore, it could give the appearance of much faster loading website, applications, messages and videos.

How it will work?

5G worksIf we compare today’s cell phone networks broadcast signal which are in a range of 700MHz-3500MHz. 5G is taking place in super high frequencies as high as 73000Mhz due to which it will provide consistence faster data speeds but these frequencies can’t penetrate walls and travel shorter distance. That means millions of the small cells or mini cell towers would need to be placed on top of each lamp post, inside every home, every building and potentially every room.

When is 5G coming?

5G launching dateIt is expected that 5G will be tested during 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea. On the other hand Verizon is planning to bring it on a market as early as in 2017. Huawei is also eyeing at a 5G commercial roll out by 2020 with an investment of $600 million. But mass deployments might be from 2020.


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