Accessibility Click Jacking Affected Millions Of Android Devices Around The Globe

Accessibility click jacking Affected Millions around the Globe

A Huge security issue is terrifying the android world as our mobile phone’s security is at huge risk.

Skycure’s co-founders declared that a new form of malware puts a huge majority of android device users at risk. Accessibility Click jacking is basically one of the method of gaining access to someone’s phone.

It will allow applications to access all text based sensitive information which includes all private and work email, SMS messages, sensitive data on business applications, data from messaging apps.

If you want to see accessibility in action just watch the video below

Till now, sky cure is able to duplicate the vulnerability on only 65% of android devices, mainly whatever from android 2.2 to android 4.4. Except you have lollipop or above, you could possibly be a victim of accessibility click jacking in future.

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