Apple Plans To Read Your Facial Expressions

Apple Plans to Read Your Facial ExpressionsGoogle can identify whether you are holding a cat or girlfriend in your arm and Facebook can also identify who is in your pictures but Apple has remained curiously behind the curve when it comes to artificial intelligence.

It is surprising thing that apple want to know how you are feeling in a particular moment. Recently, Apple has bought an artificial intelligence company “Emotient” which has the ability to read a person’s emotions through facial recognition.

Emotient was founded by the researchers from the University of California, Santiago in 2012 and is currently sold to advertisers, marketers and firms that are keen to know more about their customers. This technology helps advertiser to analyze viewer’s reaction to the ads, doctor also use this technology to understand the pain of patients who cannot express themselves. One of the customers of Emotient, a retailer, is using the AI to observe the responses of buyers on the products in its retail stores.

Obviously, Apple has not mentioned that what it is going to do with this technology and we may not understand about the intentions regarding Apple’s purchase. However, it might be developing a smarter Siri having the ability to identify user’s emotion.

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