Charge Your Car While Driving

Charge your car while drivingDo you wish your car being charged while driving?

Here is the new technology that is introduced by the British government which will allow electric cars to charge while driving. This will be very helpful for the drivers who are using electric and hybrid cars in which they can stop to recharge their vehicles frequently.

This technology do not only works while driving because wireless power charging pods are also available, but they require a car to stop to get more juice. The testing of this new technology will be restricted to test in those areas where regular drivers are not allowed. The British government is investing $779 million for this project for the next five years.

The charging station will be expanded in the country, hence these is a plug available every 20 miles

How It Works?

Using magnetic induction technology, it will work kind like wireless phone chargers. For this, engineer will install wireless technology in test vehicles and place different equipment under the roads. Cables hidden underneath the highways will generate electromagnetic files that will received and transform into electric power. It will work as a communication system where roads will detect that a car is coming and start the process.


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