LG Made VR Headset And Robot Ball For LG G5

LG MADE VR HEADSET AND ROBOT BALL FOR LG G5LG made VR headset and Robot Ball for LG G5.

Firstly LG G5 and now a robot ball which is basically a bowling ball size remote control robot that like to toot around the house. It has an 8-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi. The robot will be control by the app which is only available on LG G5.

LG ROBOT BALL FOR LG G5You can use this cute robot for remote recording, home-based monitoring or to shoot a little red light across your base and watch your cat insanely chase it. The ball looks like BB-8, have a microphone and speaker, so you can also talk to your family rolling around.

LG hasn’t announced the price of the rolling bot yet.

LG VR HEADSET FOR G5LG VR is also catching attention among the public. The LG 360 VR associates to the G5 with USB-C cable having modifiable lenses. It will play both standard 2d movies and 360-degreee VR content. The LG 360 cam has two 13-megapixel lenses mingling together to make an image of 16-megapixel and it use three mics to record around 2k video. If we relate it with Samsung’s gear VR, then the LG goggles are slight lighter in weight.

LG said both might be bundled with G5 phones, so it will make it pretty affordable.

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