Mobile World Congress 2016 Details; What Is The Future Telling Us?

Mobile World Congress 2016 Details; What Is The Future TellingThe Mobile World Congress is an event where mobile leaders engage with each other to collaborate, gather and expand their businesses.

Mobile World Congress has been happening for the past three decades. Around 2000 companies join in every year and share the latest technologies and cutting edge products that actually define mobile phone future. Last year, More than 93,000 mobile professionals from 200 countries attended this event.

This year, Mobile World Congress 2016 will be happening in between 22-25 February at Barcelona where more than 95000 people are expected to attend, including everyone who is a part of telecom industry across the US, Europe and China. It’s organized by the GSMA annually and, in Mobile World Congress 2016, we’re expecting to see some of the year’s biggest smartphones to be unveiled at the show. Some of these handsets we’ve been talking about for a while and many are confirmed to be in attendance.

Here is what we expect in Mobile World Congress 2016


Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- SamsungSamsung has confirmed that the next Samsung Galaxy will launch at Mobile World Congress 2016 .We will be having our first look at the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge android smartphones. It seems like edge might be physically bigger that the regular s7.


Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- LG G5LG has confirmed it will be announcing its next flagship – the LG G5 – at Mobile World Congress 2016. LG G5 will have octa-core snapdragon 820. The company has scheduled a press event for 2pm on Sunday 21 February, where we expect to hear all the details.


Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- SonySony plans are still in the dark because Sony Xperia Z5 android smartphone family is still fresh in the minds of people. Sony might showcase a fresh Android wear smart watch. There could also possibly be an update Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact or maybe we will see an update to the mid-range Xperia M handset. There’s few rumours at present, although some are already talking about the Xperia Z6.


Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- HTCLast year HTC showcased M9 flagship and this year it is expected that we will see HTC One M10/Perfume launch.


Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- HuaweiHuawei showed off its new flagship Mate 8 at CES last month. Now Huawei may come up with Huawei p9.


Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- LenovoLenovo is reportedly ditching the Motorola. With a big stake in mobile phones, Lenovo is likely to have a presence at Mobile World Congress, but probably pushing its Vibe smartphone brand. The world is actually looking for the international version of the lemon 3 smartphone which will be having 2GB of RAM and snapdragon 616 chips processor.


Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- MotorolaMotorola has been very quiet but Moto President Rick Osterloh will give a big picture of what’s it future be like. It will probably be the Moto E.


Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- XiaomiXiaomi is heading towards the first major trip to MWC and will have its new Mi5 smartphone.


Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- AppleApple never shows up at MWC. The reason might be that apple usually doesn’t do third party events. So it prefers its own trader show in September.

Mobile World Congress 2016 Details- MarkOn the other side, Many of the famous personalities will appear at Mobile World Congress 2016 which includes Mark Zuckerberg Facebook’s founder, who is likely to defend ambitious strategies for rolling out free internet services in the developing world. Some companies will be highlighting in this event as companies’ wishes to deploy 5g to their customers.

Telecom companies have also an eagle eye on this event and SK telecom is having plans to showcase world-first 5g mobile streaming. 5G is 200 faster than 4G at 20 gigabits per second and SK telecom claims that you can download films in two second from their next generation mobile phones. Almost every mobile company will be showcasing their plans for fifth generation data speed. Ford and Volvo will also expose their upcoming new technologies like Volvo’s key-less car.

People are so much excited to see new technologies and they are keen to know what the future is telling to us.

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