Pakistan To Face Total Water Shortage By 2025

Pakistan To Face Total Water Shortage By 2025The Pakistan Council of Research in Water resources (PCRWR) has warned that the country will face total water shortage by 2025.

Pakistan touched the “water strain line” in 1990 and crossed the “water shortage line” in 2005, according to the report. If this situation continues, the country will face overall water shortage by 2025 or. To conquer the water crises, there is an urgent need to carry out research at various levels to find a solution to the crisis. “Unfortunately, the PCRWR has no finances to make sure sustainable research,” said a ministry official.

The PCRWR is an apex body of the Science and Technology Ministry which is liable for carrying out, coordinating, organizing and promoting research in numerous aspects of water sources. The PCRWR has recently asked the government to create a PKR 50 million (US $477,000) fund within the PCRWR for the research and development activities.

“The fund objective is to focus on water shortage for agriculture and poverty alleviation by carrying out surveys at various levels. The finances will also help to continue and sustain research activities that are the need of the hour in a country like Pakistan in which growing population is decreasing per capita water availability”, an official with the science and technology Ministry said.

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