Smartphones May Disappear In The Next Five Years

Smartphone may disappearDo not forget to give some extra love to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or any other phone, Artificial intelligence (AI) is approaching to take over smartphones.

In the early 90s, mobile phones were little more than an expensive curiosity. Today many of us are surrounded by smart phones and technology. In 1983, the first mobile phone model appeared on the market and it was the Motorola DynaTAC weighted 800 grams. Now it has been more than 30 years and the phone has lost their weights, batteries are even lighter and increasingly sharper screens and incorporating Internet more and more functions. The problem today is that technology is still expensive, since the quick transition and the constant search for changes, generate a high cost of production and the amount by which the product will come to the public.

But Where The Future Of Smartphones Is It For?

It seems stranger but sooner, smartphones will be a thing of the past, referring to a study which is conducted by Ericsson on consumer trends for the future. The study was conducted with an approximately 100,000 people in 40 different locations and says that “After 60 years in the era of screens, 1 in every 2 smartphone users now think that smartphones are going to be things of the past and it will happen in just five years,”. The reason for this trend is called Artificial Intelligence.

WearableThe study directs that in the near future artificial intelligence will be so advanced that we can interact with wearable and perhaps with doors, refrigerators, buildings, billboards etc.” 85% of smartphone users think that the wearable will be everywhere within 5 years. In addition, 1 in 2 believes that they will be able to talk with appliances”.

Smartphones have a bad battery and it has become the largest daily concerns of users. Artificial Intelligence allows us to speak into the air and be heard and understood.

“The smartphone users consider that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take care of many common activities, such as searching on the net, get help on the road or as personal assistant,” the same study, noted that “some areas are already being treated the current AI interfaces on smartphones”- Siri or Google Now are two examples of this same; to the very Facebook already has several features based on AI.

Smart Phones May Disappear In The Next Five Years 3The view of experts is that smart watches and other wearable options can, at some point, replace the usual smartphones to stay connected throughout the day. What they did not realize is that the desire to migrate to this technology is so imminent and so high. The fact is that things are happening too fast. The idea came up and within a very short time it comes in a market and become the desire of many consumers looking for convenience in their daily lives.

If we analyze the results of the study, it makes perfect sense, especially because it is not very practical to use the smartphone in various situations, such as when you are cooking or driving, often also witnessed the fact that the device display is not very useful.

However we can understand that this perception may be somewhat misplaced. The studies showed that the chances of smartphones are on borrowed time are great and this shall happen in the next five years at most.

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