The Hero who just Smashed the World Hoverboard Record

The Hero who just Smashed the World Hover board RecordThe hoverboard’s configuration likewise took into consideration Duru to control his flight utilizing just his feet, which has driven him to claim that his hoverboard is “the first genuine hoverboard.”

However he twisted up drifting over the water for an aggregate separation of 275.9 m (905 ft 2 in), as per a Guinness World Records blog entry. For the breaking the record, he wants only 50m.

The Hero who just Smashed the World Hoverboard RecordThis is what Catalin Alexandru Duru needed to say in regards to it:
The machine was assembled and composed by me, Catalin Alexandru Duru. I am the first man to make and fly a working model.

Report About Roverboard World Record

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