Twitter Has Lost 2 Million Active Users In The Last Three Month

Twitter Has Lost 2 Million Active Users In The Last Three MonthIt’s very difficult to admit for the people that Twitter isn’t famous enough to be fruitful and is also losing customers continuously.

By the end of 2015, the active users were 305 million. If we compare it with other social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram then we will see that Facebook has 1.6 billion users, Google has eight products and having around 1 billion users and even Instagram has 400 million users.

Twitter has lost 2 million active users in the last three month of 2015. Compared to a year earlier, it’s customer base grew by just 6%. It’s growth has stagnated and even new management, designs and features haven’t done so much to move the needle.

To cope up this situation company’s management has launched a slew of new products to address the issue. Now Twitter’s executive needs to be reorganized. Dorsey who is a part time CEO, said that Twitter’s CTO Adam Messinger will increase his duties to make the most of the decisions about twitter’s product. He also said that the new board members will be coming to the rescue soon.

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